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A few words about us

Kube Engineering was founded in 2001 by Quinn Eddins, who, after carful study of the industrial valve and instrumentation represenation market found the need of knowledgeable service and technical aptitude for products in various industrial markets. This became the principal reason why Mr. Eddins wanted to start his own manufacturer representative company in the industry. The opportunity to create an entity to offer superior technical aptitude to understanding customer applications and providing sound solutions and quality product as reflected in his enthusiasm to begin Kube Engineering.

Traditional representative firms sell specifically products, we include design, pull-through products and service assistance. Today's companies are running lean and we need to provide more than just products. In essence, we become an extension of the Instrument and Controls, Engineering or Service Departments. We focus on the enhanced sales approach.

Kube Engineering Beliefs & Values

Quality Comes First- to achieve true and lasting customer satisfaction which, in turn, leads to success; the quality of our products we represent and services must always be number one priority.

Customers Are Our Main Focus- Our work must always be done with our internal and external customers in mind. We strive to provide products and services that exceed our customer’s expectations.

Continuous Improvement Is Essential- We must constantly drive for excellence in everything we do: in our products we represent, our services, our processes, our vendor relationships, our personal relationships, our competitiveness, financial stability; and we challenge ourselves to achieve higher and higher levels of excellence each day.

Integrity Is Never Compromised- The conduct of Kube Engineering must be performed in a manner that is socially responsible and commands respect for its dealings with customers, suppliers, the public and other constituencies.

Modern Equipment

Kube Engineering utilizes calibrated instrumentation for field work: Loop, 4-20mA, density analyzers, UVA/UVT anayzers etc...  

Expansive Servicing  

Kube Engineering has over 18,000 client contacts in the area of Municipal, power, industrial, pertochemical, engineering companies, food and beverage and many more.  

Eco Solutions

Being stewards of the enviroment, Kube Engineering works with facilities to control THM, arsenic, organics, biologicals, NOX, emissions, improper wastewater effluents and much more. 

Our team

Our history

Cashed out the 401K to create Kube Engineering

Having worked for large corporations, small private companies and manufacture representatives, Mr. Eddins opened up his own company.

Kube Engineering signed on Toshiba International National Corporation Instrumentation

A long time partner of sales and service for Toshiba Electromagnetic flow meters and analyzers.

Addition of Quality Prinary Principals

A good year for signing on Real Tech, Inc.,Chemline, value added reseller for Asahi and RCS as well as other manufacturers.

Expanded in to Industrial Valves 

Expanding market share to include industrial value added reselling for valves with companies like J-Flow Controls, Flowmatic, Tek-Valve.  

Our clients


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